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Please note that this product is only effective with adequate hydration, moderate exercise and clean eating habits. This product may be applied after dry brushing and can be used in conjunction with lymphatic massage.

The Active Ingredient is Caffeine which is the key to cellulite reduction, by dilating blood vessels beneath the skin and improving overall blood flow. In turn, this may help decrease the appearance of cellulite.

Aloe shrinks pores and hydrates skin (also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite).

Clary Sage Essential Oil is believed to balance your hormones, to combat your stress by improving relaxation, to reduce inflammation, and to give your skin a smoother and softer texture, thereby tackling several causes of cellulite. Clary sage oil is also one of the best oils for wrinkled or crepey skin.

Cucumber has phytochemicals which will stimulate the collagen production to guarantee your skin elasticity over time. When collagen is increased, cellulite will appear lessened and skin will seem tightened with more elasticity.

The antioxidants found in grapeseed oil, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and proanthocyanidin can help to prevent and undo pollution; and UV-induced free radical damage to the skin. The result? Skin that’s smooth and firm.

One of the best skin benefits of Neroli Essential Oil is its potential to regenerate the skin from scar tissue. This is likely due to its cytophylactic actions, meaning neroli essential oil promotes the regeneration of new cells, while invigorating current skin cells.

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