Control Sugar Cravings this Winter with Vegan Chai Latte!

For those who don't know : in many parts of the world, “chai” is simply the word for tea. However, in the Western world, the word chai has become synonymous with a type of fragrant, spicy Indian tea more accurately referred to as masala chai.

We bet you didn't know that this beverage may have benefits for heart health, digestion, controlling blood sugar levels and more!

Chai tea is made from a combination of black tea, ginger and other spices. The most popular spices include cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper and cloves, although star anise, coriander seeds and peppercorns are other well-liked options. In South Africa you can buy many Chai blend tea bags already mixed for you! Our favourite is the Woolies blend but you can also try the Five Roses and other makes.

Unlike regular tea, which is brewed with water, chai tea is traditionally brewed using a blend of warm water and milk, but for the Vegan one, we recommend a blend of Almond and Soy Milk for rounded deliciousness!

Sweetening can be done with sugar but this defeats the purpose if you're looking to lose weight. We highly recommend Suki (a blend of natural xylitol and stevia) or a spoon of yummy maple syrup. Coconut Blossom sugar is great but more fattening than cane sugar - just a heads up!


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