Clay Masque - Pore Refine/Peel

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

I love the French term "Masque" which sounds and looks better than "Mask".

How often should you apply a face masque? Well, that depends on your skin! My personal favourite for just about every skin type is the Bon Tierra "Pore Refine / Peel" Masque.

It is a gorgeous rich coffee grind & raw cacao Masque that has a "good tingling" sensation which, when it dries, becomes more comfortable.

This clever formula provides a natural peel through Alpha Hydroxy Fruit and Sugar Acids and is rich in anti-oxidants, purifying and moisturising elements which greatly reduce pore size and remove a layer of dead cells.

This action allows cells to speed up turnaround time and collagen production but also prepares the skin to readily and easily absorb any other active ingredients, such as those in Bon Tierra Face & Neck Oil, Moisturisers, Serums and Eye Cream.

We use an organic medium roast coffee which is a vasodilator, which means it widens vessels for blood to flow more quickly, speeding up collagen production and benefiting your overall complexion!

Instructions are simple; apply masque with a brush, allow to dry then rinse off in upward and inward motion. The coffee grinds (aside from being a vasodilator), are also exfoliating so you get a two-in-one effect! This is a perfect once-a-week masque!

This is the only clay masque you can put on under eye skin to tighten, drain and refresh!

Unlike other masques, Bon Tierra masks do not dry your skin out. In fact the reverse! The masques are formulated with skin repair & hydration in mind (hydration does not mean oily).

After using the Firm & Refine Masque skin is smooth, refined, softer and moisturised!

Best part is the 30ml pot holds three to four masques and is REAL value for money!

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