Guest Etiquette


  • Visitations and shopping at the Spa is by appointment only.

  • Be on time for your appointment, arriving earlier is even better. There is usually information to be exchanged and some consultation

  • Ask about gratuities: Check with the reception if this is included in the charge, and have cash handy to tip if it isn't - also if your experience merits it.


  • Specify any special needs, disabilities or preferences: Communicate with the therapist so they can adjust to you for a comfortable visit


  • For dry treatments (like massage) you will be modestly covered: You will need to undress to lower underwear (or provided with disposable underwear); the therapist will drape your body during the treatment


  • For hydrotherapy : You will need to wear swimsuit bottoms and you will be advised if you need a swimsuit top (ladies).  Hydrotherapy areas at Bon Tierra Spa are not yet complete, but once they are, they will all be outside and only available in the warm months and will include jacuzzi, sauna with outside massage, under trees detox spa bath and outside massage and outside showers.  There is no smoking in these areas.

  • Acknowledge the professional Spa setting: Be mindful that you are going to receive therapeutic and spa services only and any offensive conduct will be not acceptable.  See Offensive Guest Conduct below. 

  • Be considerate: Let others have their space, turn off your cell phone and don't linger too long after your treatment as the room will need to be prepared for the next appointment.  You are welcome to sit in our café or gardens at your leisure.  We allow sleeping under the trees as well as reading.  We do have books you may lend and if you would like to finish the book - the fee is R50.00 redeemable when the book is returned in good condition. 

  • Please note there is no smoking at the Spa itself, but we do have a designated smoking area.  Please do not smoke before a treatment.  Please use the ashbins provided and do not leave cigarette butts on the ground.

  • Refreshments: Please note you will not be allowed to bring your own snacks and drinks.  We provide one free light meal and a cocktail/wine/non-alcoholic beverage per guest per day.  Coffee, teas, infused waters and detox drinks are complimentary throughout the day.  Our meals are all vegan or vegetarian, Halaal and Kosher.  We also have gluten and sugar-free options.


We keep customer files with general information and we log your treatments for our records and your own.  Along with the information, we ask you to fill in a medical and indemnity questionnaire which will be especially necessary for Biominceur Wraps and Non-surgical Lipo and as we have Aromatherapy massage oils we will need to know about your allergies.



Unfortunately, we do not allow children at this stage. The spa is set to expand end 2019 to 2020 and it is hoped to include an area for children.


Offensive Guest Conduct

Bon Tierra Spa and Shop reserves the right of entry to the premises, to protect our building and grounds, guests and staff and therefore ask you to be mindful of the following which will not be accepted. 


  • Determination to receive treatments and services which have not been booked

  • Arriving unannounced and without an appointment

  • Indecent or suggestive behaviour of a sexual or abrasive nature

  • Over consumption of alcohol or taking drugs or both - no more than three alcoholic beverage servings will be served per guest

  • Eating, drinking, chewing gum or smoking during treatment sessions

  • Improper actions and attitudes toward the spa staff and other guests

  • Wilful damage to the spa, its assets, roaming animals (such as horses, goats, geese etc), at the fence perimeter or gardens and garden plants

  • Littering on the Spa grounds

Downloadable forms should you wish to fill them in before your visit:

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