Hi my name is Natalie Cooper.  I have had an unquenchable passion for research into skincare and beauty for nearly 35 years and have had extensive training and experience in advanced skincare formulation and somatology over the years.  I just LOVE what I do!  

I used to have normal jobs like everyone else and secretly follow my passion behind the scenes, part time - supplying "White Label" products to Salons and Spa's to make extra income, until I found myself unemployed in 2015 and started playing around with ideas to provide "Spa-Like" Quality products to ordinary people at an affordable price.  I decided going as natural as possible while being effective would be THE  best product I could challenge myself to design.


After nearly a year of trial and error formula designs and a LOT of research, I registered Bon Tierra in 2016.  With a small loan and a cottage, I set about realising my dream!  


The name Bon Tierra (meaning Good Earth), was thought up by my brilliant younger Son, Matthew.  For the logo, I needed something that was simple and pure and we settled on our white daisy.  Though the logo has been through a few changes of the years, my goal hasn't and won't change; To provide Customers with the very best in Natural Advanced Skincare that is EFFECTIVE at an affordable price!

I will keep researching, producing beautiful natural products and serving my wonderful Customers and Bon Tierra will be handed down through my family to maintain the legacy.

Bon Tierra is proud to provide products that will never contain these toxins:


•harmful preservatives

•parafiniums & petroleum

•harmful chemicals

•harmful chemical fragrances


•endocrine disruptors

•fluoride (Bon Tierra manufactures toothpaste)

•parabens and harmful chemical preservatives

All our finished products or ingredients will NOT affect grey water (water that goes back into the environment after usage), and any grey water from our products are SAFE for plant and animal life.

As a vegan myself, Bon Tierra WILL NEVER test on animals - all  products are tested by volunteer humans.  All ingredients are certified as Cruelty Free and Vegan before I will use them.

Bon Tierra is proudly endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty as well as the South African Vegan Society.

Only  sustainable, biodegradable or re-usable materials are used to package wherever possible. Mostly glass or steel is used and as packaging technology changes (Bio-plastics and bamboo) and becomes available in South Africa - Bon Tierra intend to use ONLY Environmentally responsible packaging. 

Bon Tierra is Kind to Skin and Kind to Earth!